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A saddle for Maysa Hagel

In September 2022 a blow of fate hit the Hagel-family in Sheridan, Wyoming. Maysa Hagel, the daughter of Sara Hagel, who is well known worldwide as the maker of the finest horsehair metates and horse gear, has suffered a mid-brain stroke. The doctors gave the 25-year-old women a ten percent chance of survival.

Now, five months later, Maysa is still fighting and surviving. She continues to make small, but steady and encouraging improvements. But her recovery will be long and arduous, the expenses very high. Therefore, Gail Baldwin from Algonquin, Illinois, a close friend of the Hagel-family, has set up a fundraising campaign on to cover the costs – a six figure amount is expected – for medical care and therapies.

Maysa Hagel
Maysa Hagel, daughter of Sara Hagel
Cantle Back

To achieve the goal, two saddle makers from Germany, Wolfgang Fey and Fritz Riedl, decided to build a „Saddle for Maysa“, which will be raffled in November 2023 at the „King’s Saddlery“ in Sheridan, Wyoming. The saddle is supposed to be debuted already during „The Rocky Mountain Leather Show“, May 19-21, in Sheridan. After the show it will next be available for viewing at Buck Brannamans homeplace, the „Houlihan Ranch“ in Sheridan, during the Colt Start from 1-4 of June.

The two German craftsmen got a lot help and support for their idea from outside: Ben Swanke (Billings,MT) sponsored a „Ray Hunt“ Wade saddle tree. Hermann Oak Leather Company (St.Louis, MO) provided the skirting leather. Trina Weber (Nampa, ID) added a pair of Monel Bell stirrups, Yonder Horse donates a saddle blanket. The silverware will be done by Gordon Andrus (Coalville, UT), the TCAA-members Beau Compton (Tombstone, AZ) and Scott Hardy (Longview, Alberta), John Mincer (Fallon, NV), Nevada Watt and her dad Jeremiah (Coalinga, CA). Each of them engrave one silver string-button for the rig to make it unique and sparkling.

The making of the „Maysa-Saddle“ has already started. Wolfgang does the tooling. Fritz does the construction and assembling. The public can follow the „work in progress“ on their Instagram accounts: @wolfgang_fey_saddlery und @backyard_saddlery.

For more information and upcoming news visit Friends of Maysa Hagel on Facebook and/or Friends of Maysa Hagel on An extra world-wide website,, will be available soon.

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