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Ein Vergleich der Sattelherstellung unter Berücksichtigung kultureller & historischer Hintergründe

Course Description

Join this workshop and partake in learning about saddlemaking history as it relates to horsemanship.

Pete Gorrell (USA) and Wolfgang Fey (Germany) will engage in a direct, open discussion about saddle history from different cultures, their fit to the horses, and the balance of the rider as it relates to the horse.

Riggings (type and placement) will also be covered.

This workshop will touch upon the evolution of horsemanship and the role of the saddle as a tool in horsemanship.

Differences between English and Western saddles and how they relate to the horse, flat plate rigs, all-leather rigs and those with metal will be part of thi discussion.

Truly a day packed full of practical and useful information!

Date and Location

This Workshop takes place May 12th, 2014 from 8 am to 5 pm in the Appaloosa Room of the Holiday Inn in Sheridan, Wyoming/USA.

Fee: 135,00 $

Materials to bring: Notepaper, pen/pencil, and an open mind.

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