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Saddlemaking is more than just a job ... it's a way of life!

In my saddlery in Dillenburg, Hesse/Germany, I manufacture individual, custom-tailored reining and working saddles as well as tack and accessories, suitable for everyday use and meeting the highest artistic demands. My leather works are as individual as they are unique, in fact each piece is unique.

Take a look at the saddle making section to find out about the way I work, about things I'm paying special attention to and all steps that are required to make a saddle.

Here you can read about how I became a saddlemaker.

Wolfgang Fey

In the photo gallery you'll find numerous examples – of saddles, tack and many accessories. Each one of the presented pieces has been taylor-made according to customer's request.

Feel inspired by the pictures and get an impression of the fine quality of my products.