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Erfolge & Auszeichnungen

These prerequisites and countless hours of practice finally led to success. At the World Leather Debut, the most important saddle and leather art competition in the world, "Wolfgang Fey Saddles" repeatedly reached top rankings between 2003 and 2010, such as a victory in 2008{{ link_close}} and a vice world champion title in 2009.

With these prizes, which are awarded in the USA by a jury of several people based on strict assessment criteria, Wolfgang Fey's level of awareness also increased in Germany. Television took notice of him and broadcast two programs in which he telegenically presented the thousands of years old craft of leather tooling.

In 2009, Wolfgang Fey had the opportunity to present his work in his own exhibition at Villa Grün in Dillenburg. There, in addition to the numerous exhibits, such as saddles, bridles, belts, bags, albums, cases and leather accessories for the home, the many visitors, including several from abroad, were able to marvel at showcases with antique and modern tools for leather processing,

1. Platz World Leather Debut

touch various rawhide leathers and ask questions, while they were given a live demonstration of leather tooling by the prizewinner.

At the beginning of 2004, Wolfgang Fey took the plunge into self-employment. His name stands for selected materials and the best craftsmanship.