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Keith Seidel, Wolfgang Fey

Impressions from the WLD 2014

Judging saddles at the World Leather Debut 2014: Keith Seidel & Wolfgang Fey.

View this article for more photos from the World Leataher Debut.

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Workshop: Comparison of Saddlemaking

Preceding the World Leather Debuts 2014 Pete Gorell and Wolfgang Fey are offering a workshop:

"A Cultural & Historical Comparison of Saddlmaking"

Everyone interested is welcome to join!

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World Leather Debut 2014

After many years of participating the World Leather Debut in Sheridan/Wyoming as a competitor, reaching first and second places, I was first asked in 2013, if I'd be willing to join the jury. I was. And it seems I did a good job, because this year I was invited to judge again.

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