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Maysa Hagel
Maysa Hagel, daughter of Sara Hagel

A saddle for Maysa Hagel

In September 2022 Maysa Hagel, the daughter of Sara Hagel, who is well known worldwide as the maker of the finest horsehair metates and horse gear, has suffered a mid-brain stroke. The doctors gave the 25-year-old women a ten percent chance of survival. To cover the expenses of her long and arduous recovery, a fundraising campaign has been set up and a very special saddle will be raffled in November.

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Saddlemaking Seminar at the Open Ranch

Everybody interested in western saddles is welcome to attend my saddlemaking seminar on the Open Ranch on July 6th, 2018. You can ask questions and some of you can even have your saddles ...

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Keith Seidel, Wolfgang Fey

Impressions from the WLD 2014

Judging saddles at the World Leather Debut 2014: Keith Seidel & Wolfgang Fey.

View this article for more photos from the World Leataher Debut.

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Workshop: Comparison of Saddlemaking

Preceding the World Leather Debuts 2014 Pete Gorell and Wolfgang Fey are offering a workshop:

"A Cultural & Historical Comparison of Saddlmaking"

Everyone interested is welcome to join!

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World Leather Debut 2014

After many years of participating the World Leather Debut in Sheridan/Wyoming as a competitor, reaching first and second places, I was first asked in 2013, if I'd be willing to join the jury. I was. And it seems I did a good job, because this year I was invited to judge again.

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